Nikke: Goddess of Victory

Fight for humanity’s survival in Nikke, a sci-fi RPG shooter. Command a squad of anime girls wielding powerful weapons as you take on the alien invaders who threaten the last remnants of humankind.

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Nikke Gameplay

In Nikke, you command a squad of unique characters called Nikkes in a cover-shooter style. You issue tactical commands but the Nikkes automatically fire on enemies within range. Dodging enemy attacks and using your Nikkes’ special abilities strategically are key to victory. As you progress, you can level up your Nikkes, upgrade their weapons, and build a powerful team to overcome increasingly challenging missions.

Nikke Characters: Top 10

  1. Harran (SSR): Rocket Launcher user and Attacker. A stoic and powerful leader with a mysterious past. Her devastating rocket attacks can clear hordes of enemies.
  2. Neon (R): Assault Rifle user and Attacker. A cheerful and energetic soldier who charges headfirst into battle. Her high mobility allows her to dodge attacks and flank enemies.
  3. Snow White (SR): Sniper Rifle user and Defender. A mature and serious commander who provides defensive buffs to the team. Her long-range attacks can cripple high-priority targets.
  4. Privaty (SR): Assault Rifle user and Supporter. A mischievous and playful hacker with a knack for disabling enemy defenses. Her skills can silence enemies and increase the team’s damage output.
  5. Lister (SR): Machine Gun user and Defender. A dependable and hardworking soldier who can take a lot of punishment. Her shield can absorb enemy fire and protect allies.
  6. Anne (R): Shotgun user and Supporter. A kind and caring medic who heals teammates. Her shotgun blasts can also inflict status effects on enemies.
  7. Rupee (N): Submachine Gun user and Attacker. A shy and introverted girl who packs a punch. Her high rate of fire allows her to deal significant damage in close quarters.
  8. Astra (SR): Grenade Launcher user and Attacker. A hot-headed and competitive soldier with a love for explosions. Her area-of-effect grenades are perfect for clearing out groups of enemies.
  9. Modernia (SSR): Sniper Rifle user and Attacker. A calm and collected sniper with exceptional accuracy. Her powerful shots can take down even the toughest enemies.
  10. Exusiai (N): Assault Rifle user and Attacker. A cynical and sarcastic soldier with a dry sense of humor. Her well-rounded stats make her a reliable damage dealer.
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